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Università di Sassari
International Relations Office

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Through its International Relations Office, the University of Sassari manages and fosters relations with universities and research centres worldwide, via activities focused on educational and scientific collaboration.
During the past 20 years, the University's commitment to these approach has taken the tangible form of bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities, which support teaching, staff and student mobility at all academic levels and promote the international dimension of university courses through joint and integrated study programmes for both undergraduates and graduates.
The University also participates in European mobility programmes, such as the Lifelong Learning Programme/Erasmus.
UNISS is a member of important international networks, such as the UNIMED, EMUNI, IAU, EUA, Xarxa Vives, Retecork which focus on the promotion and implementation of sound internationalization policity of member universities.
On their arrival, foreign students and visiting professors will find an excellent reception and orientation service at the International Relations Office, whose purpose is to provide initial support to a successful fruitful stay in Sassari.
The International Relations Office serves as a reference point for anyone interested in meking the most of the bilateral agreements undersigned with partner unviersities and research centres.


L'ufficio relazioni internazionali sta censendo le attività di cooperazione internazionale dei docenti e dei ricercatori di tutti i dipartimenti dell'Ateneo, per comunicare i dati al Ministero e dare visibilità alle collaborazioni virtuose.
Per comunicare i dati relativi alle singole collaborazioni, si prega di compilare i modulo in allegato e di spedirlo al seguente indirizzo: tsolinas@uniss.it

Modulo collaborazioni internazionali (file RTF - 807 Kb)
Compilare il modulo per comunicare i dati relativi alle collaborazioni internazionali
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A brief presentation
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