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Universitą di Sassari
Erasmus Traineeship in Sardinia

List of Traineeship positions a.a. 2015/16

Please find below the list of internship offers for the A.Y. 2015/16 by disciplinary areas.
Applications (CVs) must be sent to the following email address: curgeghe@uniss.it

List of traineehsip offers - full list (file PDF - 680 Kb)
Last update 27/01/2016
List of Traineehsip offers - Humanities (file PDF - 347 Kb)
Last update 24/09/2015
List of traineeship offers - Science and technology (file PDF - 466 Kb)
Last uodate 27/01/2016
List of Traineeship offers - Law and Political sciences (file PDF - 385 Kb)
Last update 24/09/2015
List of Traineeship offers- Economics (file PDF - 306 Kb)
Last update 24/09/2015
List of Trainssehip offers - Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (file PDF - 289 Kb)
Last update 27/01/2016
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