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Rules and regulations for part-time study at the Università di Sassari

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Article 1

The status of part-time students is defined in the Rules and Regulations as follows:

  • Students who enrol in courses introduced by the Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 509, 3rd November 1999, and no. 270, 22nd October 2004 (First and Second Class Honours Degree, PG Diplomas, Graduates, and equivalent and valid qualifications), and by individual Faculty Councils, where applicable.
  • Students who are regularly enrolled at the Università di Sassari and who apply for part-time study status by 30th September.
  • The status of part-time may be resumed upon request of the student by the same deadline of 30th September.
  • The part-time status relates exclusively to the duration of a student's academic career and the relevant fees. It thus guarantees that students may obtain a qualification by the deadline ("in corso"). The duration of a part-time course is twice as long as the full-time attendance of the same course.
Article 2

Part-time attendance option:

  • Students who are unable to attend a full-time course for health, family, work or other valid reasons, may enrol for an equivalent part-time course to be completed in a length of time which is double the full-time mode of attendance.
  • The part-time option does not alter the student's pension scheme. In this respect, pension's documents will show details of the course's "regular/full-time" duration as well as of its part-time equivalent.
  • Students may switch from the part-time attendance mode to the full-time and vice versa where needed. Any change must be applied for by the closing date of 30th September of each academic year.
  • Students who intend to change their mode of attendance can only do so before the new academic year begins.
  • Students who fail to graduate by the late graduation session, must enrol as "fuori corso" in the following academic year.
  • Part-time students have the same rights and duties as full-time students.
Article 3

Attendance mode switch: from part-time to full time attendance mode:

  • The duration of a course for students who switch from PT to FT attendance ("Ar") is calculated according to the following criteria:

Ar = (At - Af ) x 2


Ar = extension of the course end time
At = FT attendance course duration
Af = number of years attended in FT attendance mode

  • Given the above, full-time students in their final year may not switch to the part-time attendance mode.
Article 4

From part-time to full-time attendance mode:

  • When switching from part-time to full-time attendance mode, the number of part-time attended years is converted to an equivalent number of year in the full-time attendance mode.
  • Where the conversion occurs as regulated at art. 4, issue 1 above:
  • a) a first-year part-time student is enrolled as a first-year full-time student
  • b) second and third year part-time students are enrolled as second-year full-time students
  • c) fourth and fifth-year part-time students are enrolled as third-year full-time students
  • d) sixth year part-time students are enrolled as full-time first-year students with extension of the course deadline ("fuori corso").
Article 5

Faculties: Duties and responsibilities

  • Through their Councils of representatives of didactic units, Faculties decide upon their Prospectuses.
  • Faculties are responsible for the organization of their part-time courses.
Article 6

Part-time attendance fees

  • Students who enrol for a part-time course pay their fees as per current regulations of part-time attendance fees.
  • The reduced rate applies only to part-time courses which have been regularly applied for. Students who fail to complete their course of study by the deadline are no longer recognised as part-time students and are therefore required to pay the full-time attendance rate.
  • The total amount received by the University through part-time attendance fees cannot be inferior to the total amount of fees expected by the University from full-time attendance fees.
Article 7

Early graduations

  • Students may graduate prior to the end date of their course.
  • Where a student requires to graduate prior to the end date of their course, they will nevertheless pay the full attendance fee as stated in their application form.
Article 8

Moving to another Faculty or changing your course of study

  • Where a part-time student requires to move to another faculty or to change his/her course of study, admittance to a part-time course is subject to approval by the Council of Teachers of the new course. The Council also decides what year the student can enrol in.
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