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Title and acronym: CADWAGO - Climate change adaptation and water governance: reconciling food security, renewable energy and the provision of multiple ecosystem services

Dates: from September 2012 to August 2015

Location: Case studies in Italy (Sardinia and Marche), Sweden, South-East Asia and Canada.

Partnership: Sustainability Research Inst. - Univ. of the Sunshine Coast, Australia; Environmental Sustainability Research Centre - Brock Univ., Canada; Open Systems Research Group - Open Univ., United Kingdom; Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, - Griffith Univ., Australia; Inst. for Marine and Antarctic Studies - Univ. of Tasmania, Australia; Nucleo di Ricerca sulla Desertificazione (NRD UNISS) - Univ. of Sassari, Italy; Environmental Communication - Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden; Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA; Social Sciences Group - Wageningen Univ., the Netherlands

Source of Funding: Compagnia di San Paolo, VolkswagenStiftung and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond as part of the "Europe and Global Challenges programme

Role of NRD: Partner

Scientific responsible: Prof. Pier Paolo Roggero

NRD members and staff involved: Dr. G. Seddaiu, Phuoc Lai Nguyen Thi, S. Virdis, D. Pittalis

Short project description: CADWAGO, "Climate change adaptation and water governance: reconciling food security, renewable energy and the provision of multiple ecosystem services", aims to develop the knowledge base and capacity to adapt to climate change through improved water governance approaches. Many global challenges are interrelated, and while this project is focused on the nexus between climate change and water security, it has implications for other global challenges. There is a crucial link between good water governance, food security, renewable energy and the provision of multiple ecosystem services in contexts characterized by controversy and uncertainty. CADWAGO brings together 10 partners from Europe, Australasia and North America who have extensive social science research experience in climate change adaptation and water governance issues, thereby extending the collective global knowledge base through sharing methods and findings. CADWAGO builds on the lessons from ongoing research cases to create a forum and dialogue between researchers and stakeholders at different scales. The lessons from the cases will be synthesized and used in the adaptation of key European policy processes and governance actions that have a global impact. High impact peer reviewed publications and practitioner orientated publications will also be focused on as key project outputs

Keywords: Climate Change adaptation, food security, ecosystem services, water governance

Latest updates: Cadwago inception meeting was held at the Univ. of the Sunshine Coast in Australia on 18-19 October 2012

Project website: www.cadwago.net

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