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General information about "Università degli studi di Sassari"

Università degli studi di Sassari
Piazza Università 21, 07100 Sassari
Telefono 079-228211  Fax 079-228816 

The University of Sassari was founded by Alessio Fontana, a distinguished gentleman of the town of Sassari in 1558. The official opening dates back to the month of May 1562. It was firstly run by the Jesuits.

Today, the University, which is of medium size, with over 18,000 students and about 700 teachers, consists of 11 Faculties and over 40 Departments, Study Centres and Institutes. There are several II Level Degree courses, Research Institutions, Schools for Special Research and Postgraduate Schools.

The Faculties

Agriculture (Degree Course in Agriculture and Forestry), Architecture, Economics and Business, Pharmacy (Degree Courses in Pharmacy, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology), Law, Arts (Degree Courses in Italian, Philosophy, Education, Foreign Languages and Literatures), Surgery (Degree Courses in Medicine and Surgery and in Dentistry), Veterinary Medicine, Mathematical Sciences, Physical and Natural Sciences (Degree Courses in Chemistry, Biological Science, Natural and Environmental Sciences) and Political Science.


The basic requirement for University entry in Italy is the possession of a secondary school leaving certificate. In general, there is no entry quota (numerus clausus) except for the admission to undergraduate courses in Medicine and to postgraduate courses. When a quota is applicable, students are required to pass an examination to be admitted.

Fees are paid upon admission; their amount depends on the relevant Faculty. Applicants must submit their application form to the Rector's Office, together with the required documents, by the end of September of each year.

Overseas guest and exchange students

Places are available for overseas students in a limited number. Students from foreign countries who want to apply for admission to an Italian State University should forward their request through the Italian consulates in their country. Before being admitted, overseas students are required to pass a test intended to give satisfactory evidence to the University of their proficiency in written and spoken Italian providing that they are able to take full advantage of their studies in Italy.

Overseas students wishing to attend Italian language courses in their home country may apply to the Italian cultural Institutes; moreover, The University of Sassari itself organises an intensive Italian course twice a year (October and February) to overseas students.

Students eligible for EU mobility programmes (e.g. ERASMUS or ECTS), or of agreements signed by the University of Sassari with overseas Universities, will be received irrespective of the above limits. They remain registered at their own Institution while they are in Sassari and are not officially enrolled as students at the University of Sassari, being considered as guest students. They are admitted to one or several courses according to their individual programmes and are registered for single courses (corsi singoli). They can submit the required documents directly to the Registrar's Office (Segreteria Studenti) and are entitled to be exempted from fees. Upon completion of their period of study, a certificate is sent back to their home University.


The University of Sassari offers short-term courses (Scuole dirette a fini speciali), undergraduate courses (Corsi di laurea) and different kinds of post-graduate courses, not only valid in the sphere of academic research (Corsi di laurea specialistica, Dottorati di ricerca, Scuole di specializzazione, Corsi di perfezionamento).

The main degree awarded is called Laurea; it is conferred on students having passed the prescribed number of examinations and presented a written thesis on a specific topic. The duration of the studies to obtain such a degree depends on the Faculty and ranges from 3 to 6 years.

About 18.000 students are registered for the academic year 2003-2004. The academic staff consists of about 700 members, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers.

Academic calendar

Every year each Faculty publishes its handbook or upgrades the website, where available courses are listed, along with their contents and lecturers. Rules and proposals for the preparation of individual curricula are also provided.

The basic unit of the Italian system of higher education is the academic year, lasting from November 1st to October 31 st. Lectures are held until the end of May. There are two mid-term holidays, around Christmas and Easier, and a long summer holiday from July to the opening of the next academic year.

At the University of Sassari the "semester system", ranging approximately from October 1st to January 31st and from March 1st to June 30th, has been adopted for several courses. Classes are held Monday to Friday. 3 hours per week are included for annual courses, and 4-6 hours per week if the course lasts only a semester. As a rule, lectures are given in Italian, except courses by foreign visiting professors, or international post-graduate courses.


Students have to take examinations in the disciplines of the planned curriculum. The two regular examination periods are in June-July and in October. Special periods are in February and September. Exams may be oral or written and are evaluated by a three-member commission. Grades range from 1 to 30 cum laude, the lowest passing grade being 18.

Students who have passed all required examinations are admitted to the final accademic defence, consisting of a "viva voce" discussion of a thesis (Tesi di laurea) in front of a Faculty commission of eleven members. The grading system for the degree exam ranges from the lowest passing grade (66) to first-class honours (110 - magna cum laude).

Health and insurance

According to the Law, Italian students are covered by a compulsory health insurance scheme guaranteed by the regional health services. Guest students from EU countries who are members of their national healt insurance scheme, are entitled to A.S.L. health services (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) in Italy, by exhibiting the form issued by their Local Health Authority.

Similar benefits are guaranteed to citizens of countries associates with Italy. Overseas students benefitting from scholarships from the Italian Government are given life, accident, and health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Italy. Moreover, all duly registered students, in particular ERASMUS and ECTS students, are insured against accidents which might occur at the University during experiments or practical activities indicated in the planned curriculum and carried out under the supervision of professors, lecturers or assistants.


Social services for students are offered by ERSU (Ente Regionale per il diritto allo Studio Universitario). It usually provides the following services:

  • advisory services
  • career counselling
  • lodging
  • meals
  • grants and scholarships
  • honour loans
  • transport facilities
  • books
  • cultural and recreational activities
  • sport facilities
  • legal services
University Central Library

Biblioteca Universitaria
Piazza Università 22, (first floor)
Telefono 079-235179  Fax 079-235787 

The 350,000 books belonging to the library cover general and specific subjects; there are also valuable early editions. The library is open to all adults, not only university students. A loan-card may be issued by the library office if you provide a letter from your course coordinator, an identity document and two passport photographs.

University sports centre

The "Centro Sportivo Universitario" (C.U.S.) offers you the chance to take part in sporting activities at very reasonable prices. A well-equipped facility is available in San Giovanni on the outskirts of the city, and may be easily reached by public transports. Students may also obtain discounts via the Centre fo: membership and use of associated sporting facilities for athletics, body building, martial arts, fencing, horse-riding, swimming and gymnastics.

In order to get a C.U.S. membership card you should send a reference letter from your coordinator, a medical certificate, two passport photographs to: C.U.S., viale Umberto, 72.


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