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University of Pecs

The Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pecs is going to organise the second Blue Economy Summer School between the 8th and 20th July 2013 focusing on Blue Economy methodology and regional development in the industrialized world.

The Blue Economy Summer School (BESS 2013) welcomes every interested student who would like to gain deeper insight and valuable knowledge in the field of theory, methodology and application of Blue Economy.

BESS 2013 will host - among its international team of well-known lecturers - professor Gunther Pauli the initiator of the Blue Economy idea so participants will have the chance to meet and learn from him personally. The academic program includes lectures, company visits and independent group work on assigned projects. By holding a final presentation participants gain
6 ECTS credits.

This year at the end of the program The Blue Innovations Showcase and Marketplace will be organized and will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with technology owners and users. Through this venue owners/sellers/ buyers of sustainable design, product or service are able to compete and transact within sustainability's international community of practice.

The extra-curricular activities provide real summer-time experience beside the academically challenging program.

For inspiration please take a look at the best moments of last year's BESS by watching the short video on the link below: bess.ktk.pte.hu/

For further information please, visit the official web-site of the Summer School: bess.ktk.pte.hu or e-mail us on bess@ktk.pte.hu

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University of Pecs
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