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Istanbul University, School of Business is proud to announce the third year program for the "Istanbul Quantitative Lectures". As you may already know, 2013 is the International Year of Statistics. For ISTQL 2013, we are planning to extent the Summer School Program and add some other academic activities on the schedule. This year, "Istanbul Quantitative Lectures -2013" will also take place in Istanbul University main Campus, between the 1st and 12th July 2013. For the third year of our International Summer School, we are again welcoming two very important Professors, top on their subjects;

  • "Social and Political Survey Research" by Professor Allan L. McCutcheon from University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Professor McCutcheon is also the founding Director of the Gallup Research Centre and the Senior Scientist of Gallup International Research and Education Centre and Gallup-Europe. Professor McCutcheon is very well known as the "Researcher of Obama Campaign" and has been consulting for many news networks, NGO's and World Association for Public Opinion Research.

  • "Structural Equation Modeling" by Professor Rex B. Kline from Concordia University, Quebec, Canada. Professor Kline is very well known by his books on Structural Equation Modeling, which has been translated and published in many languages. With LISREL, the course will cover both the conceptual and the practical aspects of implementing SEM.

The details of the ISTQL 2013 organization and the application form could be found on our website (www.istql.com). The organization is open to both students with required background and academicians who would like to widen their horizons. This year we especially encourage the practitioners to participate and get the opportunity to discuss their real life problems with the professors.

For the students interested in the courses, each course is worth 15 ECTS credit and as an addition to the certificate (if students would like to take the exam and pass) we also give students a transcript showing the credits that they have earned.

We are sending you the course announcement at the attachment and will provide the poster as soon as possible. It is very much appreciated if you could also pass this information to your colleagues, researchers or students, who you believe that they may be interested in. We are hoping to see you in Istanbul this summer.

Associate Professor Cigdem Aricigil Cilan (PhD)
Director of Istanbul Quantitative Lectures
Istanbul University School of Business
Quantitative Methods Department
Avcilar Campus Avcilar ISTANBUL/TURKEY
istql@istanbul.edu.tr , ccilan@istanbul.edu.tr
Tel: Telefono +90 212 473 70 70-18292 

Announcement 2013 (file PDF - 402 Kb)
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