Esercizio n. 2

Completa le seguenti frasi coniugando i verbi tra parentesi al Present Continuous.
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1. Why (you/drive) so fast today?
2. I (read) a book about gardening.
3. She (not/walk) to work this week as her friend has lent her his car.
4. What a pity! They (pave) all the streets of the old town.
5. Sheila (make) a cake for her mother's birthday.
6. Why (she/shout) for help? Because a dog (jump) on her lap. 
7. What (he/do) in the garden? I think he (grow) some roses.
8. I (not/wear) my sunglasses today because I've lost them.
9. She won't drive today as it (snow).
10. This computer (not/work) properly. Do you think it is all right?